I watched an interview he was in and they asked him, “how do you play being in love so easily?” and he replied, “actually being in love with leighton really helped.”

Foggy Downtown LA | by Sungjin Ahn | Website.

Kim Possible been facetiming since 2002..

The mist's fodder | by Katya Horner

"It feels like ice. Like a cold storm inside you that has frozen over everything to where your body is almost numb. Almost, because it still hurts so bad, but you can’t move. You can’t do anything to make it go away, to make it feel any better. You feel it everywhere. It shows on your face. The ice surrounding your heart is closing in so tight and it gets harder and harder to breathe. Finally your heart starts beating faster and faster and the ice is spewing off your heart and hurting every other organ in your body. Your breaths are short and fast and only makes your heart beat faster. Your heart keeps pushing the ice off and you can feel it, but once the hyperventilating stops, your heart starts to rest again and the ice starts to creep back around the heart again and the pain starts to settle back in place. It’s a cycle, really. It’s either numbness and pain or panic attacks where you can feel more, but all you feel more of is pain. Sleep is all you have, and even there you still feel the ice."

Slowly replacing the negative thoughts with colors and beautiful things.